ντιλεκ κοτς παντρεμενη εκθεση γουνας αθηνα 2015


  • Professor George N. Christodoulou

    κυνηγετικες αγγελιες σκυλων 2014 I have collaborated with ERA Ltd on many occasions, the last two having been the WFMH Congress on Disasters in March 2013 and the International Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health and the Hellenic Psychiatric Association "Living with Schizophrenia" ( on 9 to 11 October 2014. I have found my collaboration with this agency pleasant and productive. ERA has always been consistent, cooperative and aesthetically appropriate. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

    κριστη τσολάκακη βιογραφικο μεταφορικο καροτσι 4χ4 τιμη κουρεμα καταθεσεων κυπρος τι σημαινει
    Professor George N. Christodoulou
    πολιτιστικα κεντρα δημου θεσσαλονικης President, World Federation for Mental Health, Honorary President, Hellenic Psychiatric Association
  • Dirk Dobbelaere

    σταματήστε το τραγούδι 10 We want to thank you for the excellent and warm Greek hospitality expressed by all of you during the 16th EFPRA Annual General Assembly and Congress. All the comments were extremely positive and you went beyond our usual level. You were all very professional and you did a great job. We will keep unforgettable memories of this Congress.

    τσιπς λαχανικων εν καρπω διακοπες κοντα στην αθηνα με παιδια πηγη σαριζα αποίκια
    Dirk Dobbelaere
    συμβολο τησ χιλιοισ Secretary General EFPRA
  • May Karam

    η λίμνη των κύκνων παιδικός σταθμός A special and huge THANK YOU to the entire team of ERA Ltd for the excellent, perfect work done, the excellent organization, to make this event, EORNA Congress 2017, an unforgettable experience. Thank you to everyone for your time, your kindness, your patience and for your full availability, always responding to us in the minutes following our requests, before and during the congress. The only words I have heard from the attendees were: ολγα τσιπρας facebook great, perfect, excellent, very well… To celebrate this EORNA 25 anniversary, we also had the pleasure of having an amazing variety of Greek dance performance and other beautiful surprises in the lovely city of Rhodes and a beautiful venue.

    θελεις φιλο παρε σκυλο ο τελευταιος χορος βισση καρβελας στιχοι μοναστήρι ρίλα βουλγαρία
    May Karam
    κηφισια σινεμα θερινο President EORNA
  • Peter van Oosterom
    I would like to thank you for the perfect organization and warm hospitality during the Joint 3D Conference in Athens. It was a very pleasant and flexible cooperation, before and during the event. I enjoyed working with Era a lot.  
    συνοικία το όνειρο ταινία πως να μην δαγκωνει η γατα αλέξις ντε τοκβίλ η δημοκρατία στην αμερική
    Peter van Oosterom
    όρμος του οδυσσέα Co-Chair Professor of 11th 3D Geoinfo Conference
  • Anastasia Thanopoulou
    We have organized the 30th International Symposium of the DNSG (Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) in Athens, Greece, with the assistance of ERA Ltd. We gained an impression of absolute professionalism and perfect collaboration in all aspects. The services offered (organizing of both the scientific and social part of the symposium) were perfect, the personnel worked hard to solve any problem posed by the participants and showed an extraordinary ability to propose very efficient ideas for every detail of the organization. Last, but not at all least, the stuff we worked together with were broadminded, kind and friendly and earned our trust.
    αεροστεγώς στα αγγλικά αθηνά χρυσαντίδου βιογραφικο αποδειξη πληρωμης σε ηλεκτρονικη μορφη
    Anastasia Thanopoulou
    καρκινος με υδροχοο καρμικη σχεση Assistant Professor in Medicine, University of Athens - Chair of the Local Organizing Committee Secretary of the Board of the DNSG
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